The marriage of slow movements with deep breathing aims to circulate energy and blood throughout the body. The practice of Qi Gong is widely recognized for its benefits, both for physical and mental health. Among the many benefits of the practice of Tai Chi, one can find improvement in concentration, sleep, posture, flexibility, balance, and better stress management in everyday life. Some benefits are even felt right after the first lessons, such as increased oxygenation of organs, leading to improved vital functions (breathing, digestion and blood circulation). In the long run, this practice allows for strengthening of the immune system and reduction in joint pain (back pain, arthritis, carpal tunnel, and others). In order to optimize the practice of Qi Gong, three basic principles must be implemented: the use of flexibility, the fusion of the body and the spirit, and the respect of natural laws.

Tai Chi class is for adults of all ages regardless of their physical condition. You will be surprised at benefits that will result from its practice. No prerequisites are necessary, other than your enthusiasm.

<<Follow the Shadow and pursue the emptiness>>
Grandmaster Nam Anh

Beginner level

– Meditation and breathing (practice of the small orbit)

– Base movements and stretching

– Tai Chi Walking

– Walking the crane

– Brocard segments

– Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan

Intermediate level

– Tai Chi Chuan and the 10 principles

– Practice of the hand pump (2nd level)

– Stick

– Sabre

– Sword

Advanced level

Coming Soon


The practice of kung Fu adapts to the conditions and objectives of each, adults as children.