Kung Fu is an applied philosophy, a spiritual path that is defined by three truths, or realizations, as well as four merits, or levels of education. The correct understanding of this definition guides the practitioner in his journey.

The three truths

The first of the three truths is to CONTAIN yourself.

The greatest struggle a person can face is against their own weaknesses and flaws. To win this battle gives access to the true personality of the human being. He who knows himself is great; he who defeats himself is a hero.

The second of the three truths is to LOVE others.

True love is a self-emanating vibration that unites all living things. The development of this feeling in the practitioner allows him to find harmony with himself and with his environment.

The last of the three truths is HELPING those in need.

The concept of helping refers here to the fulfillment of one’s noble duty to humanity. Eventually, the practitioner in turn serves as a guide and becomes an emissary propagating the Way.

The four merits

The martial arts journey is divided into four levels that the master teaches the disciple according to the qualities he cultivates to deserve them.

The first merit is TRUE TEACHING.

This teaching is the most accessible of the four, and it is made up of all the basic techniques, principles and fundamental theories. However, to access it, the practitioner must show COURAGE to face his weaknesses, and LOYALTY to inspire confidence.

The second merit is the TEACHING OF THE HEART.

This spontaneous and circumstantial teaching is given directly by the teacher. Since it is a personalized teaching, the practitioner must demonstrate his LOVE and his DEVOTION for the practice, for the Way, as well as towards the master to access it.

The third merit is ESOTERIC TEACHING.

This teaching touches on the energetic and spiritual fields, and by definition is not accessible or understandable by all. This practice allows you to develop capacities that go beyond physical laws. The practitioner must therefore demonstrate a higher INTELLIGENCE in order to understand these concepts, as well as a LOYALTY to the school and the teacher to inspire confidence and deserve this teaching.

The last merit is SECRET EDUCATION.

This teaching is reserved only for the leaders of the next generation of a martial arts school, and consists of the most valuable techniques and lessons. To access it, the disciple must be chosen by the master and elected by his fellow students on the basis of his talent and virtue by demonstrating the qualities of NOBILITY OF HEART and GREATNESS OF SOUL.

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The practice of kung Fu adapts to the conditions and objectives of each, adults as children.