This rule constitutes the way of thinking specific to our School. It is displayed in the School to remind students of the meaning of their practice. It was written by Grand Master Nam Anh and reflects his thought and philosophy.

I) To understand the essence of life and death and to live in accordance with the natural laws which result from it by the indispensable cult of the individual value and the True personality of the human being.

II) Venerate the primacy of the Great Way and among others, respect and recognize the authority of the Grand Masters and teachers.

III) Actively promote our philosophy and the beautiful science of martial arts through the Royal Way, marked by humanity and tolerance, while respecting the Eastern cultural heritage.

IV) Keep an open mind to research and consideration of other ethical, scientific and philosophical dimensions.

V) Intensely cultivate the noble feelings of love, brotherhood and solidarity in perfect communion emanating from oneself.

VI) To foresee a long journey, therefore to know how to prepare the mind by loyalty, and the body by perseverance.

VII) Fight against any cause of imbalance of the natural order and against any attack on our philosophical discipline by guarding against egocentrism, jealousy, and all discriminations including those based on race, sex or religion.

VIII) Educate and straighten others in the search for their identity which would promote karmic change.

IX) Live in the harmony of heaven and earth through the knowledge of life and death with respect for the karma of each and every one.

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The practice of kung Fu adapts to the conditions and objectives of each, adults as children.