Dit Nam Ngu

A former practitioner of judo (1983-1989), Jujitsu (1995-1996) and hapkido (1997-1998), Pierre-François Flores undertook a training in Wing Chun at the Grandmaster Nam Anh’s School in 1998. In 2000, he deepened his training in traditional Kung Fu by learning anmanatherapy from Grandmaster Nam Anh. In 2001, he was assistant instructor at the Mother School until 2007, when he undertook a trip to Vietnam to teach for three years. Upon his return, he became chief instructor of the new branch in Chinatown, Montreal. In 2013, he added to his martial arts curriculum the Kung Fu Pak Mei style, taught exceptionally by Grandmaster Nam Anh.

Since 1998, Pierre-François Flores has dedicated heart and soul to his martial arts training with Grandmaster Nam Anh. Through his multiple trips to Vietnam, he has earned the respect of the Vietnamese people by taking part in various cultural, political and humanitarian activities. Here in Montreal, he has greatly contributed to the training of many disciples of Grandmaster Nam Anh, as chief instructor of the Chinatown branch.

In 2018, Pierre-François Flores obtained the mandate from Grandmaster Nam Anh to spread his knowledges of the Pak Mei style.

Styles taught